Recap: Dinner With Dayna

Recap: Dinner With Dayna

Black Girl Magic is defined as a concept born to “celebrate the beauty, power and resilience of black women" I have never felt that power more than at my experience at Dinner With Dayna. 


Dayna Bolden is a Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty Blogger and Influencer. I came across her page a few months ago when I saw her on the page of another local blogger that I follow. I follow lots of influencers but something about her spirit immediately resonated with me when I came to her page. And my heart was so happy when I saw she was based in Baltimore! How is this fabulous woman doing all of these great things right under my nose and I haven’t met her?! And then finally in February, I was at an event and I saw her name on the sign in sheet. I was ectstatic. And of course me being me, I sought her out amongst the crowd to introduce myself. She was the sweetest and her real life #goals. We both just recently turned 30 and are both girl bosses pursuing our passions. I knew I wanted to learn more.  

So when I was doing one of my daily instastory watching sessions, I was so happy to see that Dayna was doing her new #DinnerWithDayna event in Baltimore! Even though I had met her a few times again since February at local events, I was excited to see what amazing women would attend the event. So I turned on those post notifications and miraclously I got my name on the list to attend, when it sold out in under 5 mins! 


Truthfully I was nervous to attend. I am finding my niche in the blogging community but also finding my niche in a community of black women. Raised in a predominately white neighborhood and school growing up I always got the “You talk white” comments. The of my closest girl friends have always been white. But as I entered adulthood, I have made it a priority to try and make genuine relationships with other black women. But I always have that moment of feeling, “Am I going to be accepted?”


I entered into the back bar area of The Elephant in Mount Vernon and was greeted with a great big hug from Dayna and immediately felt more at ease. I mean that and the glass of rosè didn’t hurt either. I started chatting with the ladies and immediately knew I was in the right place. One of my favorite local bloggers babes came up to introduce herself to me and I was so excited because she is one of my most supportive followers and we had never even met in person before! 


Then we all went around the table and shared more about ourselves. It was truly so enlightening to be in a room with such beauty and intellect. So many different stories and yet so many similarities. Women of all different shapes and sizes and shades of beautiful melanin and yet here we were all together. Someone at the table said, they always hear that black women can’t come together and yet here we were all sharing ourselves and coming together. 


My favorite part of the evening came when we all went around the room and again and this time shared our goals for the long term. I had never said my goal out loud before. Of course I have dreamt of it but there is an amazing power in speaking your dreams into reality. I said my goal: To be able to be a full time wedding planner and blogger. It’s a scary thought to put yourself out there in that way, but hearing all the ladies goals gave me the ultimate courage to really try and pursue my own. 


I had such an amazing time at #DinnerWithDayna and as empowered as I felt leaving, I feel even more empowered to support all of the amazing women I connected with. I made sure we all went around and exchanged IG handles so we can keep the love and support flowing. I truly believe I made some friendships that will continue for a long time. Main takeaway: If the world doesn't give you one, you make your own place at the proverbial table.


Jumpsuit: Shein Shoes: Old Navy Purse: TJ Maxx (Similar)

Photos By: @reignnoire


What have you done lately to empower other women?