What's Good with Good American?

What's Good with Good American?

A good pair of jeans can be elusive for a plus size and curvy girl. I have basically given up and try to only wear leggings or some kind of stretchy material pant on the weekends but some outfits just warrrant a pair of jeans.


This year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I was scrolling through the pages of clothing in the plus size section and nothing was jumping out to me. This happens alot when I’m looking at plus size sections especially at Big Box retailers. Everything looks frumpy and boxy and like it will do NOTHING for my curvy body. But then I saw that the sale included some styles of Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Jeans.

Now most people will know, I am a pretty big Stan for all things Kardashian. I am intrigued by most products they put out so of course when I intially saw that Khloe Kardashian was putting out a line of denim, I was here for it. But I was even more here for it, when I saw it would be size inclusive!


So I decided to treat myself and finally 2 years later spring for a pair of the jeans. I went with the “Good Legs” style. This is their most popular style as it has compression in the waist area and the leg area. HELLO SKINNY ME! I also chose the dark blue wash so it was a pretty generic pair that would go with pretty much anything.

The one thing I was nervous about was sizing. I am a size 16-18 but it really depends how much stretch something has, if I can fit into smaller or bigger. I went with the size 18.


I’m glad I did because when the jeans arrived in my mailbox 4 days later. (Shoutout to Nordstrom for the quickie shipping.) I was hopping around a little to get these bad boys up. I mean, they fit but I feel like they took a wear or two to really sculpt to my body. But the real test for jeans is always the Booty Test. How good (or bad) does my booty look in a pair of jeans. And these pass with flying colors! My ass is sitting right and tight in these things!! I also love the compression in the belly. I’m wearing the quintessential Khloe Kardashian uniform of jeans and a bodysuit and my tummy is sucked all the way in these, which I love!


I have never owned a pair of “designer” jeans before this but after this experience, I think I will continue to be a Good American customer. I also saw today that they have re-priced their “Good Legs” style and now to more accessible to the masses they are $99 a pair. (They were $179 originally). This is still pricey but definetely more reasonable and for a pair of jeans, I can def see myself wearing for years, I consider it worth it. Next up, I’m going to get the all black pair!!

Oh and the other “Test” for denim for me is the Confidence Test. This is a test I try for most of my clothing. Does this _________ make me feel sexy, fun and confident? If not, its usually a no from me, Dawg. But I am happy to say these score a YES, YES and YES!


What are your go to pair of Jeans?

Jeans: Good American Bodysuit (Simliar): Fashion to Figure Boots: Rainbow Sunglasses: Shein

Photos By: @kriswillphotography